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Mobi1 Overview – Uniqueness

The Mobi1 Group presents multiple Online Products and Services in Niche and Trending Markets. Below overview presents current key product categories.
Special announcement Jan. 22nd, 2023
Introducing our OWN creation of Fantasy styled animal paintings.
Below examples are prints which will be 100% Hand-painted Oil Paintings
Over 100 different – Guaranteed Exclusivity for ONLY 1 Oil Painting available


Knife Paintings - 100% Hand-Painted Oil Paintings

These are 100% Hand-painted oil painting on canvas by Professional Artists. The technique used is Knife Painting an artist’s tool that consists of a very flexible tapered blade set in a handle and that is used like a small trowel for taking up and applying thick paints. It’s only used with acrylic or best with oil paint. This it is applied in thicker layers and create colors and design more distinct  

If you are interested and have a special photo,
we can create a custom Knife oil painting for you.
Contact us for details.

We are preparing a new website.
These paintings available now in different sizes.
All Rates and dimension for Knife Hand-painted HERE
All paintings are available in Museum Quality, Top Quality or Commercial Quality.

Oil painting reproduction masterpieces. Museum quality is guaranteed for all of our oil paintings, And we offer the reasonable price on the internet for our genuine hand-painted oil painting reproductions on canvas, including Impressionism oil paintings, Landscape oil paintings, Original oil paintings, Modern art, Flower oil paintings, Animals oil paintings, Portraits oil paintings, and Classical, Ballet, Still life, Abstract, Children painting, etc.

We have access to 1,000’s of  paintings, famous and not so famous artists.
If you are looking for a specific painting or artist, send us a message.

More Reproduction Paintings and Artist Paintings are added weekly

Images examples to create Hand-painted with Knife painting

These are sample images out of thousands
which can be painted from print into 100% Hand-painted Oil Paintings on
Canvas with the Knife-painting technique