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The Financial Freedom Project (FFP)

The Unique Independent Member Community

What is the FFP

The FFP is the vision and mission of the Mobi1 Group, where every Member is also an Owner in the Mobi1 Group businesses. It’s build to provide ALL members Long Term Earnings and increased value of their future Ownership.



Earn Long Term and Save Big! You Benefits:

1. FFP is the core revenue generating for the Mobi1 group.
With your One-Time payment of $125 you become a Lifetime Member
in the Member owned Mobi1 Group and participate in the growth of the Mobi1 Group businesses.

2. Receive 2.5% as a minimum per month, based in your paid Membership amount,
or a percentage of Net-revenues of all combined Mobi1 businesses, whichever is greater.

3. Become a Partner in the Mobi1 Group with Ownership, and receive
One Hundred (100) Company Shares
upon incorporation of Mobi1 as a corporation (2022 – 2023).

4. Receive Member Only rates with reductions from 10% to 35% on Paintings, Fashion Watches, and more.

5. Receive a Custom Watch from The “Financial Freedom Project” (you select)
or with any Image you want to be inserted.

6. Participate in the “Free Voices Matter” Social Media platform

7. Add your business or any Opportunity you operate in the ConnectGlobal online
World Directory FREE of charge.

8. Current Mobi1 Business Products and active websites
Mobi1 – Main Product site with

  • Oil Paintings (Reproduction Famous Artist and New Artists)
  • Personalized Watches (any image insert)
  • Watches and Jewelry (Fashion & Bling watches)
  • ConnectGlobal- Business Directory
  • Free Voices Matter – Social Media style site
  • Financial Freedom Project – (FFP) the Core Earnings are generated
    through the Mobi1 Commodities Option Trading

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Financial Freedom Project watch


Financial Freedom Project watch