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Knife Oil Paintings

Expert Knife Oil Paintings

These are 100% Hand-painted oil painting on canvas by Professional Artists. The technique used is Knife Painting an artist’s tool that consists of a very flexible tapered blade set in a handle and that is used like a small trowel for taking up and applying thick paints. It’s only used with acrylic or best with oil paint. This it is applied in thicker layers and create colors and design more distinct  

If you are interested and have a special photo,
we can create a custom Knife oil painting for you.
Contact us for details.

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These paintings available now in different sizes.
All Rates and dimension for Knife Hand-painted HERE
All paintings are available in Museum Quality, Top Quality or Commercial Quality.



Museum quality

Museum-quality oil painting reproductions is the best quality level we provide, they are the ones that are preserved for the future and its value increases over time. The underlying theme of these reproductions is that the imitations are drawn with such precision that they look nearly nothing different from the original. When an oil painting is meant to serve professional or high-end purposes, museum-quality is what is usually preferred. These reproduction artworks cost more than other quality levels of art reproductions because of their perfect details, tones, brushstrokes.

Top quality

The Top-quality oil painting reproduction is the intermediate level of this art form. These paintings are acquired by top quality materials and techniques, but lack the superior grade of museum reproduction; yet are stunning in their ways. It is currently the most popular quality level which cost less than museum quality level but still have great details and can be 90% close to the original.

Commercial quality

Commercial quality oil paintings reproduction cost the lowest and rightly so. These paintings are targeted towards consumers who simply look for a recreation of the original version and wouldn’t mind the drawbacks that are portrayed in terms of coloring and detailing. The price different is substantial. There is no refund available for the Commercial Quality order.