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How it Works

Buying an oil painting from Arte Fino is like stepping back in time! Every oil painting is painted by  master artists in the same time-honored traditions utilized by the world’s most renowned artists, emphasizing the importance of aesthetics, technique and style. Many of the contracted artists have years of training at some of the finest art academies, specializing in the medium of oil on canvas.

Discover how the artists, step by step, paint the oil paintings that we are selling. You will learn that each and every oil painting is meticulously painted, brushstroke by brushstroke, starting with a blank artist canvas and ending with a true masterpiece for your home or office.

1. The Paints

The oil paints utilized by the artists are specifically formulated to ensure pure, rich and vibrant colors, which is the result of the perfect balance of oil content and color pigment. In addition, the oil paints are designed for maximum durability and longevity, so you can enjoy your oil painting for many years to come. Please be assured that the artists use only the finest oil paints that will stand the test of time, while providing truly rich textures and vivid colors!

2. The Artist Brushes

The artists use a wide array of brushes to accomplish their goal of painting the perfect masterpiece for our customers. The Artists use only the highest quality artist brushes, which are always finely balanced for maximum stroke control. Professional artist brushes are made from a variety of fibers to create different effects. In addition, brush heads are available in almost a limitless selection of sizes and shapes, each ensuring our artists will achieve their desired results.

3.  The Artist Palette

All of the oil paints come together on the artist palette. The artist palette is commonly constructed of very thin wood, designed to be held in the artist’s hand while resting on the arm of the artist. In addition to the wood palette, artists may also use a flat tray that is conveniently located just below the canvas that is being painted. This tray serves a dual purpose as the palette for the oil paints and also a convenient surface to have all the artist brushes close at hand. The artist palette is the surface where all the oil paints are mixed together to achieve the desired colors needed by the artist to complete each masterpiece.

4. The Canvas

The canvas is made from high quality, 100% cotton fabric. Cotton canvas is the preferred choice for our artists, because it is a very durable fabric for oil painting. The fine woven cotton canvas is coated with acid-free titanium gesso, which ensures long term life for the museum quality oil paintings. The 100% cotton canvas has both excellent fiber strength for stretching and is also woven to rigid specifications to meet the strict requirements of our master artists.

Painting Steps

STEP 1: The blank canvas is cut to size and tacked onto an easel.


STEP 2: The artist sketches an outline of the oil painting.
STEP 3: The artist applies the first coat of paint to the canvas.
STEP 4: The artist paints the shapes and forms in the oil painting.
STEP 5: The artist is ready to add textures to the oil painting.
STEP 6: The artist is now painting the artistic details.
STEP 7: The artist is ready to paint the finishing touches.


All of the oil paintings we sell, follow the steps as described.  Please be aware that an image or photo on a website is produced digital, and it can never 100% show the effect a 100% Hand-Painted Oil Painting presents.  A website display, or Mobile device display, is a digital image based on pixels, furthermore, the device, the Internet connections, all play a factor in comparing a 100% Oil Painting with a screen image. Our Oil Paintings are created as museum and top quality Oil Paintings, with the best details possible.

A computer can draw a line to the smallest increment, mixing color schemes by thousands of pixel combination, whereas a real Hand-Painted Oil Painting is a mix of Oil based colors and layers.  All Paintings we sell are Oil Paintings, NOT Acrylic based.