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Mobi1 Group

Holger Speth, Adminstrator

The last few years have been a challenge of life and death for the world’s population. I lost three friends/associates due to Covid and related illnesses, which forced me to restructure the business, adding products and services of value in trending markets.
My Partner and myself, we have many years of experience in marketing and sales, as well as IT knowledge. We are in the retirement age group, but young in mind. I am since 2005 full time active with Internet marketing, online business creations.
We do not operate with a m(b)illion dollar budget, rather deliver most economical rates and services.
Our focus is establishing the ” love for paintings” with selected products and services of uniqueness, not alone for us, but also for the benefits of “Many”.

Our Reproduction Oil Paintings delivered at affordable rates. We are now expanding the selection of exciting new paintings as well introducing the Personal photo to Painting service. My main target is to present our own creations of art designs into Oil Paintings.

I am working on a program to introduce a VIP benefit for our Clients, which will give them a discount on all their purchases. It’s still in the planning stage.

Our time zone is EST, using email as best support.
Please consider the time zone differences, when contacting me.